Yemen protesters demand justice for mobile phone shop worker 'tortured, killed by employers'

Yemen protesters demand justice for mobile phone shop worker 'tortured, killed by employers'
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13 September, 2020
Abdullah al-Aghbary was killed by his employers just one week after starting his job at a mobile phone shop, reports confirmed, in a murder case that has shaken the nation.
The murder shook the nation [Twitter]
Protests have erupted in Yemen's capital city after a young man was filmed beaten and tortured to death by his employers.

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the justice ministry in the Houthi-run Sanaa city this week to demand justice for the slain Abdullah al-Aghbary, who worked at a mobile phone shop belonging to his suspected killers.

A viral video showed at least five men beating and torturing the 24-year-old for six hours before he eventually died on 26 August.

The men were seeing punching, kicking and whipping the young man in the horrifying ordeal. In one shocking segment, the men are seen gathered to have a lunch break while the victim sat in the corner of the room. 

The suspects had initially taken him to hospital and claimed he committed suicide before footage of the murder appeared online. A forensics team confirmed marks of severe torture all over his body.

Al-Aghbary had left his home and studies in Taiz to take on the job at the mobile phone shop just a week earlier. 

The case caused outrage across Yemen with many demanding justice be served against the killers, all of which have been identified, arrested and taken to court by Houthi forces in the capital.

Protesters on Saturday called on Houthi authorities to show transparency in the case and a commitment to punish those involved regardless of tribal connections. 

Local media reported 11 lawyers have volunteered their services to defend the victim on behalf of his relatives.

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