Yemen army kill 23 Houthis in Marib attack: report

Yemen army kill 23 Houthis in Marib attack: report
It comes as fighting between Yemeni pro-government forces and Houthi rebels intensifies around Marib.
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31 August, 2021
Yemen's army and allied forces are fighting Houthi rebels in Marib province in recent days [Getty-file photo]

More than 23 Houthi rebels were killed in fighting with the Yemeni pro-government forces on Sunday and Monday, a military news site claimed on Monday.

The deaths come as Yemeni troops and pro-government Popular Resistance militias fought the rebels in northern Yemen's Marib province, where the key city of Marib is located.

This latest fighting occurred at Al-Kasarah, to the regional capital's west.

Government bombing took out six Houthi vehicles, the military news outlet added.

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The Houthis have not yet confirmed any deaths in the fighting.

Marib city and the rest of the province are seen as strategically vital in the ongoing Yemen war.

Oil-rich Marib is the final bastion of the internationally-recognised government in north Yemen. 

The war in Yemen, which broke out in 2014, has been described as the "world's worst humanitarian crisis" by the United Nations.