Lufthansa airline
Russia told citizens they should refrain from travelling to the Middle East, and airliner Lufthansa extended suspending flights to Tehran
German police [Getty]
German police have arrested two Iraqis suspected of being members of the IS terror group and enslaving two Yazidi girls.
UK ministry of defence Youth Demand
The British government is withholding the results of an internal legal review into potential international law violations by Israel during the Gaza conflict.
Canada's embassy was damaged in the Israeli strike which hit an annex of the Iranian consulate in Syria, but no Canadian official has yet commented
"Be in no doubt a recognition of a Palestinian state will happen," Irish Foreign Minister Michael Martin said.
US mosque [Getty]
"It goes along at a pretty even clip, and then in October, it shoots through the roof," Corey Saylor, research and advocacy director at CAIR, told The New Arab.
Foreign Secretary Cameron said the UK's arms export license to Israel 'remains unchanged' despite Tel Aviv's repeated violations in Gaza.
The UK government has come under intense scrutiny over arms transfers to Israel during its brutal war on Gaza.
Australia's foreign minister has hinted that Canberra could recognise a Palestinian state, following suit of other countries like Spain.
The US military says it has sent weapons and ammunition to Ukraine that were seized from Yemen's Houthi rebels between 2021 and 2023.