World Cup LIVEBLOG: Tunisia v Panama

World Cup LIVEBLOG: Tunisia v Panama
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25 June, 2018
19:10:06: Both Tunisia and Panama are looking to get their first win of the World Cup after several defeats. 

19:10:41: A lot of hopes are pinned on Tunisia, but so far the game is 0-0.

19:18:01: Panama is passing the ball well, and seems poised to not suffer such a defeat as against England. Remember that 6-1 tally?

19:19:10: But Panama is throwing away silly fouls, and just knocked down Sliti.

19:19:33: Panama makes a quick clear. Plenty of chances so far for Tunisia, looking like a favourite.

19:20:07: Tunisia makes a header into the Panama goalkeeper -- comfortable save.

19:25:15: Panama makes a run towards the Tunisian goal, but Haddadi sweeps it away with good defence.

19:26:34: Sloppy giveaway by Tunisia. Panama is keeping the pressure on Tunisia's defence. 

19:27:04: At this stage looks like Panama's best hope is quick and forceful counterattacks.

19:28:05: Tunisia tries to cross the ball but it goes long. Panama goes for the goal kick.

19:31:34: Panama goes on a break but the ref calls it offside. Still good movement. Way offside though.

19:32:11: 31 minutes in. Tunisia goes in for the cross but heads it right to Panama.

19:33:07: Free kick for Panama. Shot on goal, but well kept at bay by the keeper. 

19:33:50: Second shot, it deflects in for Panama. GOAAALL!

19:34:10: Could be a potential offside. Waiting on ruling. 

19:36:52: Quick VAR ruling - goal stands. Not quite clear yet if deflection will be own goal. We'll see what FIFA decides. 

19:39:26: Good cross from Haddadi, Ben Youssef makes good contact. But too much force and ball goes wide. No equaliser. 

19:41:15: Tunisia one of the strongest teams in Africa. But so far leaving fans wanting. 

19:41:41: Losing to England and Belgium is one thing, but to Panama. Fans will be sorely disappointed if that happens. 

19:42:07: What an opportunity. Haddadi creates another passing opportunity. But striker shoots it high. Fantastic opportunity. 

19:45:48: Tunisia's Sassi makes a tackle. First yellow card of the match. 

19:46:22: Two minutes of injury time in first half.

19:46:35: GOAA.... nope. Close. Khazri makes some good plays but Panama clears it.

19:48:24: Half time whistle. Way its going Panama could win its first ever game in World Cup finals.

It's been a tough World Cup for Panama. Glad to see some fans enjoying the match -- here's one celebrating Rodriguez's goal. 

19:57:36: Halftime update. Goal was own goal by Tunisia defender Yassine Meriah. 9th own goal of 2018 tournament. That's a lot. 

Tunisia had plenty of chances to score in the first half. Let's see if they can connect in the second half.

20:05:37: Second half underway. 

20:05:59: Tunisia is dominating possession so far this half. 

20:06:49: Good run by Tunisia's Nagguez. Crosses. Not enough bodies in the box. 

20:07:51: Fun fact is that football isn't the main sport in Panama. Apparently boxing is quite popular.

20:09:01: GOALLL!!! Ben Youssef scores. Tunisia on level terms.

20:09:35: Slick passing by Tunisia. Nice passing from Khazri. Quick VAR check for offside. Goal stands. 

20:11:59: Ben Youssef breakaway. But shoots it right at the keeper. Incredibe missed opportunity for Tunisia. 

20:12:39: Looks like Tunisia and Panama players tangle. Torres is down. Panama captain injured. Goes off the pitch.

20:15:53: Tunisia's just had a bunch of corners. But no major threats to Panama's defence. 

20:20:15: A lot of Panamanian players moving forward. Tunisia on a counter. Khazri shoots a dud at Panama's keeper.

20:21:31: Cross from Rodriguez. Tunisia's goalkeeper comes out. Frantic Tunisian defending. Ref calls offside.

20:22:34: Goalkeeper is down. Medic team looking at him. Ball hit him right in the face. Doesn't look serious. But Mathlouthi is down and Tunisia does not have any more fit goalkeepers. 

20:25:14: Pass to Khazri wide open net for him. He taps it in. GOAALLL! Tunisia up 2-1 after being down.

20:26:11: Five goals so far for Tunisia in this World Cup. Highest tally ever for them. Question is: will this be there first win in 14 games?

20:30:37: Second yellow card in the books for Tunisia. A bit of contact and shirt tugging. Maybe referee could've let that one go.

20:31:48: GOAAA..... Oh Panama's Barcenas shoots the ball. Goes straight into the net. Wonderful finish. But it was after ref blew a foul whistle.

20:32:38: Looked like not much of a foul. But you can't keep playing after a whistle. Goal disallowed. Almost an equaliser. 

20:34:15: Forgot about Tunisia's second goal? Below is a video highlight.

20:34:57: Free kick for Panama. Escobar was lurking ready to make a play. But Panama overhits it on cross.

20:35:40: Tunisia's Sliti is coming off. Good first half for the player. Khalil is coming in as a substitution. 

20:37:50: Tunisia keeps giving the ball away. Gomez catches the Tunisian defender's foot. Yellow card for the Panamanian. 

20:39:25: Quick forword Arroyo comes in for Panama as a sub. Final change of the game.

20:40:16: Nine minutes left till stoppage time. Panama is looking to equalise. 

20:40:58: Khazri darts forward for Tunisia. Ball is swept away. Good Panama defending. 

20:42:56: Panama breaks forward. Nothing comes of it. Sloppy giveaway by Tejada.

20:44:06: Gomez fouls Khazri. Panama looks frustrated. Under five minutes to injury time. 

Here's one thing Khazri can boast about: two goals and two assists.

20:46:56: Okay, sorry, now it's the last change of game. Khazri, arguably best player tonight, goes off the pitch. 

20:48:14: Rodriguez crosses it. Really good play. Open space but no Panama players to connect.

20:48:46: Flag went up. Looks like it was offside anyway.

20:49:40: Reached 90th minute. Just five minutes of extra time for a Panama equaliser. 

20:51:04: Godoy goes down. Another yellow card for Tunisia. This time for Chaalali.

20:51:49: Gooaaa.... Nope. Ball goes just wide for Panama. Striker has a look -- like it might be his last chance. Less than two minutes left.

20:52:50: Handball and free kick for Panama in 94th minute. 

20:54:02: Lot of shoving around wall of defenders before free kick. Crunch time.

20:54:24: Good shot, but too far out. Goes right at Tunisia's goalkeeper. 

20:56:12: Mathlouthi went down. It's not clear why. We're in the 97th minute. VAR has really made extra time a lot longer this tournament.

20:56:45: Aaannnd the whistle blows! Tunisia bests Panama 2-1. First win for the North African team this tournament in group stage. 

Lots of Yellow Cards in the last bit. But we're happy for Tunisia. Here's a nice GIF below.

And here's some more tweets.

This Tunisian fan will surely be pleased by tonight's result.

This Tunisia fan called the match a while back.

And Panama managed to avoid another thrashing. You had to feel for Panama's fans after the 6-1 loss against England.