World Cup 2022: FIFA doles out fines to Algeria and Egypt, dismisses rematch requests

World Cup 2022: FIFA doles out fines to Algeria and Egypt, dismisses rematch requests
Algeria and Egypt - who had hoped to replay World Cup qualifying matches - were both fined by FIFA on Monday for incidents relating to misconduct by fans, management and players.
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03 May, 2022
Algeria and Egypt failed to make it into the five African countries heading to Qatar for the World Cup this year [source: Getty]

FIFA has doled out fines to several African countries on Monday and dismissed Algeria and Egypt's replay requests following March’s World Cup qualifying matches.

Algeria had hoped to replay Cameroon after its 2-1 loss, citing what it believed were unfair decisions by Gambian referee Bakary Gassama.   

Instead, the African country was handed a $3,000 fine by FIFA for “order and security” misconduct, related to the “throwing of objects and lighting of fireworks” by fans. 

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Egypt was also bidding for a second chance against Senegal, which defeated the Pharaohs 3-1 in a tense penalty shootout. 

FIFA decided to fine Egypt $6,000 for “team misconduct” relating to six individual sanctions.

They also handed Senegal one of the largest penalties at $175,000 for failing to implement safety rules as well as fan misbehaviour, including the use of laser pointers against Mo Salah. On top of this, Senegal, alongside Nigeria and DR Congo, must play one match behind closed doors. 

“In line with FIFA’s zero-tolerance stance against discrimination and violence in football, a number of member associations have been punished due to the abusive behaviour by their respective supporters,” read a statement from FIFA published on Monday. 

Algerian fans expressed outrage over the verdict on social media, some accusing referee Gassama of corruption. Egyptian fans were also dismayed. 

Others, however, were more welcoming of FIFA’s decision. African football journalist Collins Okinyo wrote on Twitter: “FIFA’s decision of not replaying any of the World Cup play-offs in Africa is commendable. 

“Football results have to be decided on the pitch and not board rooms.” 

Both Egypt and Algeria missed out on a place among the African nations at the World Cup 2022 - the first ever such tournament to be hosted in the Middle East. 

The teams going to Qatar will be Senegal, Ghana, Morocco, Cameroon and Tunisia. 

Morocco also received a fine of $30,000 for “order and security” misconduct, including the lighting of fireworks and blocking of stairways, during a match against DR Congo.