Women arrested following South Sudan nightclub raids

Women arrested following South Sudan nightclub raids
South Sudanese women have been arrested in a wave of raids on nightclubs, with the country's police commissioner saying such venues are not suitable for married women.
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17 September, 2016
South Sudan's police have arrested 23 women for attending nightclubs [AFP]
Police arrested 23 women and detained them overnight following police raids on nightclubs in South Sudan, Tuesday.

Kuajok town police arrested the women, saying it was unacceptable for married women to be "outside at night", even though some of the clubs were only serving tea and not alcohol.

"Clubs are not places for women because women have other duties to attend to at home - like taking care of children," said police Commissioner John Akot Maluth.

"It is not good and not even in our culture that women and men watch movies together at night because lots of things may happen and this is what we don't want."

Alcohol and firearms were banned in Gogrial state, South Sudan president Kiir's home state, in April 2016.

The police make semi-regular searches for alcohol and weapons in the district, which are confiscated and later burnt in front of the police station.