Woman stabbed to death at Swedish political festival

Woman stabbed to death at Swedish political festival
Police have arrested a man for stabbing a woman to death at a Swedish political festival two months before a nationwide election. The suspect has links to a neo-Nazi organisation, according to reports.
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A man in his thirties has been arrested by Swedish police [Getty]

A woman was stabbed to death on the Swedish island of Gotland, police said on Wednesday, at a political festival taking place just over two months before a national election.

Police said a man in his 30s was taken into custody on suspicion of murder following the stabbing, which happened close to where Centre Party leader Annie Loof was giving a speech.

Police also said they had no indications of further threats to the festival, and declined to comment on motives or political affiliations of the suspect.

Swedish daily Aftonbladet said, citing sources, that the man had links to a neo-Nazi organisation.

The week-long political festival is an annual event that draws crowds of thousands as politicians hold speeches and mingle with voters and tourists.