Winning Allan's freedom 'an epic Palestinian achievement

Winning Allan's freedom 'an epic Palestinian achievement
The head of the Palestinian Prisoners' Committee said that winning freedom for imprisoned lawyer Mohammed Allan was am epic national achievement and a blow to Israeli administrative detention policy.
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20 August, 2015
Allan's release was hailed by his relatives and supporters as victory [Anadolu]

Issa Qaraqe, the head of the Palestinian Prisoners' Committee, said that releasing prisoner Mohamed Allan after a 65-day hunger was a legendary national achievement and a super blow to administrative detention, as well as an important step towards ending this unjust and arbitrary measure.

"Allan has achieved victory over Israel by insisting on facing up to this arbitrary measure. He challenged Israel and its racist unjust laws, forcing it to withdraw its decision to execute him and disregard his life and his health", said Qaraqe.

He added that Israel was defeated by the powerful will of Allan, of whom people are proud.

"Allan is back after he almost lost his life defending his dignity and freedom."

In addition, Qaraqe explained that the Israeli government, led by Benyamin Netanyahu, meant to murder Allan, who had gone into a serious health condition before forcing Israel to reconsider its stances and measures, especially deportation and force-feeding.

"Allan exposed Israel as a terrorist fascist state that completely ignores all humanitarian decisions and laws," he said, "and he fought his battle for all the free and honourable activists in this world".

"Allan's victory is part of a continuing battle against unjust detention"
- Issa Qaraqe

According to Qaraqe, Allan's victory is part of a continuing battle against unjust detention and all the racist military laws adopted by Israel against prisoners.

Qaraqe commended the role of all legal bodies and Palestinian people and prisoners, as well as all the friends who declared solidarity with Allan in his honourable ordeal.

He also called on the world to learn from what happened to Allan to end the continuous crimes against Palestinian prisoners, as well as to provide legal and humanitarian protection for them from the oppression they are subjected to and the violation of their rights.

There are still 480 prisoners in Israeli administrative detention, and Qaraqe said confrontations would go on as long the administrative detention law is still in effect.

The Palestinian Prisoners' Committee, Allan's lawyer Jamil al-Khatib, and the Adala organisation, had all submitted an urgent request to the Israeli Supreme Court to release Allan for his deteriorating health condition due to his hunger strike.

Allan's release means that he will no longer be shackled to his bed and his family will be able to visit him in the hospital, where his lawyer said he remains sedated and unconscious.