Why did Rihanna and her Saudi billionaire ex part ways?

Why did Rihanna and her Saudi billionaire ex part ways?
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21 January, 2020
A rumour has emerged that Rihanna and Hassan Jameel split because he was trying to deliberately make her put on weight.
Rihanna is now single [Getty]

Multi-talented singer and entrepreneur has made headlines yet again, but this time due to a split with her long-term billionaire Saudi boyfriend Hassan Jameel.

The pair dated for nearly three years, with their status coming into the public spotlight after the pair were spotted kissing in a swimming pool in 2017.

After their split, fans rushed to social media to find out the real reason behind their shock break-up, with a number of rumours circulating.

Rumours behind their break-up flew, with former celebrity editor Shallon Lester claiming in a YouTube video which currently has 150,000 views that Jameel tried to force her to gain weight to cater towards his taste in women. 

The rumour has been widely reported on Arabic-language news outlets, despite being unverified.

Her sources say Jameel used to force Rihanna to eat unhealthy food in a bid for her to gainweight.

Jameel was accused of "deliberately feeding her with her favourite food" and stocked up on her preferred snacks on yachts and planes, potentially explaining her unexpected weight gain. 

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She speculated this to be a control mechanism on Jameel's part, in an attempt to isolate her and to prevent her from posting "sexy photos" on Instagram.

Rihanna was rumoured to have converted to Islam, Jameel's faith, and had tried to hide her face when she ate a hot dog in London's Winter Wonderland.

An anonymous source close to Rihanna told Harper's Bazaar that Rihanna ended the relationship with Hassan, because she was "fed up with him".

Another source close to Rihanna told Life & Style that their cultural differences were the ultimate reason behind their split, even though "she loves him very much".

"She thought their differences made them stronger," the inside source said.

"But ultimately, for Hassan, dating an international pop star wasn't going to work," she added, hinting at cultural disparities.

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