WFP expands support for Lebanese families as food prices climb

WFP expands support for Lebanese families as food prices climb
The World Food Programme will triple its social support scheme in Lebanon for families who are struggling to sustain themselves as the economy spirals.
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27 May, 2021
Thousands in Lebanon are struggling to afford food and necessities [Getty]

The United Nation’s World Food Programme (WFP) has increased its support to Lebanon to assist poverty-stricken families as the country's economic crisis worsens.

The WFP will triple its social support for families in Lebanon struggling to survive the country's economic downturn, soaring inflation, and collapsing local currency, a statement read.

It plans to provide support for an additional 195,000 people, aiming to reach a total of 300,000 Lebanese residents per month through the National Poverty Targeting Program via Lebanon's ministry of social affairs.

The WFP plans to provide each family with a cash top-up of 200,000 Lebanese pounds (131 US dollars) that can be used in shops, as inflation hits food prices.

"It gets harder by the day for Lebanese people to put food on the table, so this assistance comes just in time," said WFP Representative and Country Director in Lebanon Abdallah Alwardat.

The WFP has collaborated with the social affairs ministry since 2014 and has become the foundation of the food assistance component of the National Poverty Targeting Program, reaching more than 105,000 people every month. 

Lebanon is experiencing the worst economic and financial crisis of its modern history. The local currency has lost 85 percent of its value against the dollar in recent months and businesses have shut as banks impose informal controls on money transfers and withdrawals.