Wanted: Saudi Arabia slaps bounties on Houthi leaders with millions on their heads

Wanted: Saudi Arabia slaps bounties on Houthi leaders with millions on their heads
Saudi authorities released a list of forty names wanted in connection with alleged involvement in terror activities with Yemen's Houthi rebel group on Monday.
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06 November, 2017
The Saudi-led coalition is battling Houthi militants in Yemen [AFP]

Forty members of Yemen's Houthi rebel group, including its leader and other senior figures that have been placed on a Saudi bounty list offering millions of dollars.

Rebel group chief Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi as well as the group's President Saleh Ali al-Samad are among two mentioned in a list of names featuring some 40 individuals.

They have been accused of "planning, executing and supporting" terror activities, Saudi-run al-Arabiya news reported.

The list was issued by the Saudi ministry of interior, which offers rewards between $5 million to $30 million for information leading to their arrests or whereabouts of the rebel leaders.

The party of former Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh - the General People's Congress - issued a statement dismissing the wanted list.

The party said the names of the individuals wanted by Riyadh are "Yemeni citizens standing against enemy forces" and instead accused the Saudi regime of financing terrorism.

The party said it stood by its "Ansar Allah [the Houthis] partners and the rest of the national forces" in the face of "foreign aggression".

The statement was released as Saudi Arabia blamed Iran for a Houthi missile that reached Riyadh, describing the act as a possible act of war.

Saudi-led coalition battling the Houthis in the war-torn country shut down Yemen's air, sea and land borders "to fill the gaps in the inspection procedures which enable the continued smuggling of missiles and military equipment" to the Houthi rebels, which it blames on regional-rival Iran.

Iran has dismissed the claims that it has provided ballistic missiles to the Houthis.

"The claim that the missile was delivered to Yemen by Iran is baseless," Iran's Major General Jafari said on Sunday.

He said the Yemeni rebels are capable of manufacturing their own weapons and have no need for Iranian assistance.

Houthi rebels said they fired a Burqan 2H at Riyadh, which landed close to the city's international airport.

The strike surprised many in the country and highlights the growing sophistication of the rebels' arsenal.

Saudi Arabia has accused Iran of supplying Houthis with weapons via air, land and sea links.

More than 10,000 people have since been killed since the military intervention, according to the United Nations.

The list of 40 names on the wanted list are as follows:

Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi $30m
Saleh Ali al-Samad $20m
Mohammed Ali Abdelkarim al-Houthi $20m
Zakariya Yayha al-Shami $20m
Abdullah Yahya al-Hakeem $20m
Abdulkhaliq Badr al-Din al-Houthi $20m
Mohammed Nasser al-Atifi $20m
Yousif Ahsan Ismail al-Madani $20m
Abdulqader Ahmed Qasem al-Shami $20m
Abdulrab Saleh Jurfan $20m
Yahya Mohammed al-Shami $20
Abdulkarim Amir al-Din al-Houthi $15m
Yahya Badr al-Din al-Houthi $10m
Hassan Mohammed Zaid $10m
Safar Mughdi al-Soufi $10m
Mohammed Abdulkarim al-Ghamari $10m
Abdulrazzaq Mohammed al-Maroni $10m
Amer Ali al-Marani $10m
Ibrahim Ali al-Shami $10m
Zakariya al-Muttaa’ $10m
Mohsin Saleh Hamzi $10m
Ahmed Saleh Hindi Daghsan $10m
Hussain Hamoud al-Ezi $5m
Ahmed Mohammed Yahya Hamed $5m
Talal Abdulkarim Aqlan $5m
Abdulilah Mohammed Hajar $5m
Fares Mohammed Hassan Manaa’ $5m
Ahmed Abdullah Oqbat $5m
Abdul-Latif Hamoud al-Mahdi $5m
Abdulhakim Hashem al-Khiwani $5m
Abdulhafedh Mohammed al-Saqqaf $5m
Mubarak al-Mashn al-Zayedi $5m
Ali Saeed al-Razami $5m
Saleh Masfar al-Shaer $5m
Ali Hamoud al-Moushki $5m
Mohammed Sharaf al-Din $5m
Daifallah Qasem al-Shami $5m
Abu Ali al-Kahlani $5m
Ahmed Nasser Qersha $5m