'Wanted for Justice': Egyptian activists launch anti Sisi campaign

'Wanted for Justice': Egyptian activists launch anti Sisi campaign
Egyptian activists have launched a' Wanted for Justice' campaign drawing attention to the dire state of human rights under the regime of President Sisi.
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28 September, 2015
The Ghorba campaign aims at revealing Sisi's malparctices [Al-Araby al-Jadeed]

The National Movement to Support the Egyptian Revolution (Ghorba), which includes several entities that are against the military coup in Egypt, has called for a popular campaign in the US and several European countries to denounce the practices of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, during his stay in New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly.

A member of Ghorba, Atef Abdul Rahman, said that the campaign is basically pasting images of Sisi on garbage bins that read "Wanted for justice," and that is for his practices against the Egyptian people and political opponents.

Abdul Rahman told al-Araby al-Jadeed that many Egyptian communities in several European capitals have announced their adoption of the campaign, and are printing thousands of posters bearing the image of Sisi and the campaign slogan. He explained that the campaign participants would send the images to an email address where they are all collected, before they are distributed as a compilation in all European capitals.

Ghorba introduced itself and its activities in a statement as "A sincere national movement which derives patriotism from the right of the nation over us, and aims to support the great Egyptian revolution which represents the revolution of 25, including its goals and achievements. Its motto is 'Ghorba' (Arabic for living abroad or estrangement/alienation), which indicates that alienation does not only occur outside the homeland, but it may be much stronger at home; exiled on our own territories, with the citizen facing tyranny and abuse."

Exiled on our own territories, with the citizen facing tyranny and abuse
- Ghorba campaign statement

The statement added: "The movement is made up of independent individuals representing themselves, and associations and entities that do not belong to any party or group, but stand with the revolution of the Egyptian people, who seek a deserved freedom, which they will not beg from anyone."

The statement pointed out that the movement will have an extension inside Egypt with young groups who will campaign at home under the name "Revolution Square," work on destributing the posters in all the squares of the republic, and contribute to the movement against the current Egyptian regime.

Members of Ghorba had staged a number of protests in New York ahead of the arrival of Sisi in the city. They raised the photos of whom they described as Sisi's victims who died as a result of medical negligence in prisons, as well as those who were allegedly killed by his security forces. The movement's supporters also staged a symbolic sit-in in front of the United Nations Headquarters in which they raised slogans condemning the military rule in Egypt.