Video shows two Russian men captured by IS forces

Video shows two Russian men captured by IS forces
Islamic State group have paraded two captured Russians following a surprise counter-offensive by the militants in eastern Syria.
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04 October, 2017
IS launched a surprise counter-offensive last week [Getty]
A video showing two Russian captives has been released by the Islamic State group with the militants claiming the men were captured during battle.

Speaking Russian and wearing matching grey outfits, the two men appear to have been beaten or injured with one showing a cut eye and bruises, in an Amaq video.

IS claim they were troops captured during a counter-offensive by the militants in eastern Syria, where the regime backed by Russia has made advances over the past month.

Last week's surprise attack by IS ended a Syrian regime advance in Deir az-Zour, which has seen the jihadis' siege on parts of the city under its Bashar al-Assad's control broken.

The two men were allegedly captured when IS broke through regime defences around the village of Shula, which the men confirmed in the video.

"I am Zabolotny Roman, I was born [in] 1979 in Rustav Oblast in Aksaysk District in the village of Rassvet. During a counter-attack conducted by the Islamic State [group], I was taken prisoner in the area of Shula," Newsweek reported one of the men saying in Russian.

"Captured with me was Tsurkanov Gregory. He was born [in] 1978 in the Domodedovo area."

It follows earlier claims that IS was holding Russia captives.

Syrian activists had earlier claimed IS had murdered three of the men.

Russia has denied that any Russian troops have been captured by IS, but mercenaries from the country are believed to be fighting alongside Syrian regime forces.

Moscow claimed this week to have killed 300 IS fighters in air raids on eastern Syria.