Video refutes Israel's 'self-defence' claim in Palestinian killing

Video refutes Israel's 'self-defence' claim in Palestinian killing
A new video has emerged following the shooting of 17-year-old Palestinian, Mohammed Kasbeh, contradicting the account that the Israeli soldier who killed him was in 'danger.'
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13 July, 2015
Palestinian teenager, Mohammed Kasbeh, was shot dead by an Israeli soldier on July 3 [Getty]

A video released by a watchdog Monday challenges an Israeli account that a soldier was in danger when he shot dead a Palestinian who fled after stoning his jeep.

Mohammed Kasbeh, 17, was shot dead on July 3 by Israel Shomer close to the Qalandia checkpoint, south of Ramallah in occupied West Bank.

The Israeli army said Shomer and another soldier had opened fire when the vehicle was damaged, "and in response to the imminent danger".

However, a video distributed by the B'Tselem human rights group, with footage from a surveillance camera at an adjacent gas station, shows a person running towards a military jeep and throwing a stone at it.

The vehicle stops, and two men are seen getting out of it and running out of the frame in pursuit of the stone-thrower.

The video was released by the B'Tselem human rights group

B'Tselem cited eyewitnesses as saying that Shomer shot Kasbeh "from a distance of some 10 metres (yards)" and then left the scene without getting medical aid for the teen, who eventually died.

"The claim (Kasbeh) posed a mortal threat to the soldiers at the time of the shooting, having fled the scene, is unreasonable," B'Tselem said.

"Feeling a sense of danger is not enough to justify any action."

The release of the video confirms a number of eyewitness accounts, as well as medical evidence, indicating that the teenager was shot in the back.

Palestinian Hospital physician Samer Saliba said at the time that Kasbeh was shot in the face and back.

B'Tselem said the footage makes the military's earlier explanation "unreasonable" and called the killing "unlawful."

Thaer Kasbeh, the brother of the teen killed, said the officer could have apprehended him rather than shooting him dead.

"It's clear that Mohammed threw a stone, and the officer came out of the car. He could have arrested him, he could have shot him in the leg, but he wanted to kill him," he said.

The army on Monday refused to comment on the shooting or the video beyond stating the incident was being examined by military police, but Israeli media reported Shomer had been questioned under warning last week.

The incident was allegedly part of a series of violent altercations in the West Bank and east Jerusalem since the start of Ramadan, which is to end this week.

Israel "responded to the violence" by revoking permits for Palestinians living in the West Bank to visit relatives in the Gaza Strip and has limited Palestinian access to flashpoint al-Aqsa mosque compound.