Video evidence shows Egyptian security agents monitored Guilio Regeni for weeks

Video evidence shows Egyptian security agents monitored Guilio Regeni for weeks
Italian prosecutors have confirmed that slain student Guilio Regeni was monitored by Egyptian security agents for more than a month before his kidnapping.
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12 December, 2020
Prosecutors confirmed signs of 'acute physical suffering' on Regeni's body [Getty]
Video clips seen by Italian prosecutors showed Egyptian authorities monitored Guilio Regeni for more than a month before his kidnapping and murder, lending new evidence to charges that security agents killed the Italian doctoral student.

The videos seen by Al Jazeera show a conversation between two officials allegedly tasked with monitoring Regeni, a PhD student at the University of Cambridge who was researching union activities in Egypt at the time of his death.

Italian prosecutors charged four Egyptian security agents with Regeni's abduction and killing earlier this week.

The 28-year-old doctoral student disappeared while living in Cairo in 2016. His mutilated body, showing signs of torture, was later found left on the side of a road in the Egyptian capital.

The 25-second video recording shared with Al Jazeera by judicial sources was allegedly sent to Aser Kamal, an Egyptian officer tasked with monitoring foreigners.

It captures a conversation between Kamal and Mohammed Abdullah, a man whom the officer had instructed to follow and monitor Regeni, and represents the first piece of evidence to concretely show the student was targeted and monitored by authorities.

Abdullah made at least two calls to Kamal more than two weeks before Regeni's disappearance, judicial sources said.

Prosecutors in Rome are continuing to investigate the case, said the head of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico.

Fico told Al Jazeera that prosecutors had determined that Egyptian authorities followed Regeni for at least 40 days before his kidnapping.

The prosecutors also confirmed there was evidence of "acute physical suffering" on Regeni's body through the use of "red-hot objects, blades and batons".

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