'Victorious' hunger-striking Palestinian journalist released by Israel

'Victorious' hunger-striking Palestinian journalist released by Israel
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19 May, 2016
Mohammed al-Qiq, a Palestinian journalist who undertook a record-breaking 94-day hunger strike, has been released from an Israeli jail.
The images of Mohammed al-Qiq on hunger strike sparked Palestinian protests [Getty]
Israeli authorities released Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qiq from Nafha prison on Thursday, following a lengthy hunger strike.  

"The authorities released my husband at 1:30 this afternoon," al-Qiq's wife, Shalash, told The New Arab.

"He should be transferred to a checkpoint south of Hebron where he will meet his family, loved ones and Palestinian masses," she said.  

The al-Qiq family called on the Palestinian people to attend a victory festival in his honour on Friday in his hometown of Hebron.  

Mohammad al-Qiq ended a 94-day hunger strike in an Israeli prison last month after a deal was reached to secure his release.

According to advocacy groups, his protest-fast broke records set both by Palestinian prisoners and those form Northern Ireland.

The deal with Israel brought an end to his battle against administrative detention - a legal vehicle by which Israel may indefinitely imprison people, with nether criminal charge nor trial, for renewable six-month periods.

"Our son's determination has proven to be victorious against the Israeli jailers," his family said at the time. "This is a milestone in the fight to end all administrative detentions."

Before being transferred to al-Nafha prison to await his release, the 33-year-old remained under observation at an Israeli hospital, but refused all treatment.

A doctor who visited him described his condition as "extremely grave" and said al-Qiq could barely speak or even hear.

Al-Qiq's protest highlighted Israel's much-criticised - and much-used - practice of holding hundreds of Palestinians with neither criminal charges nor trial.