Vandals set fire to Lebanese uprising's 'fist of dignity' on country's national day

Vandals set fire to Lebanese uprising's 'fist of dignity' on country's national day
A six-meter-high structure symbolising Lebanon's uprising was burnt down on Friday morning as the country woke up to its 76th independence day.
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22 November, 2019
The first was erected in the early days of Lebanon's protests [Getty]
A large cardboard symbol of a fist bearing the word "revolution" in Beirut's Martyr's Square was set alight early on Friday morning.

The six-metre-high symbol, referred to by some as the "First of Dignity," had been in the square since the early days of Lebanon's anti-government protests.

According to local media, a man riding on a motorbike threw a petrol bomb at the fist and fled from the scene.

Images and video footage posted to social media showed the wooden structure supporting the symbol in flames as protesters abortively attempted to put out the fire. Photos later showed the ashes that remained after the fire had been put out.

The structure had previously been targeted by Hezbollah and Amal supporters who attempted to burn and tear it down.

Later on Friday morning, footage purportedly showing protesters erecting a new fist surfaced. 

The fist had become a key symbol of Lebanon's protests, which erupted last month when Lebanese from all religious backgrounds took to the streets en masse to cry out against what they view as an incompetent and corrupt ruling class.

Lebanon's economy is under severe strain after a series of political crises compounded by the eight-year war in neighbouring Syria, and youth unemployment stands at more than 30 percent.

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