Have you seen her? TikTok video shows US soldiers in Syria asking locals about...Mia Khalifa

Have you seen her? TikTok video shows US soldiers in Syria asking locals about...Mia Khalifa
US soldiers stationed in Syria uploaded a video asking the locals about Lebanese-American former adult actress Mia Khalifa.
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03 September, 2020
US troops asked if they watched Mia Khalifa [TikTok screengrab/richarad_wolfgang]
US soldiers stationed in Syria are using the popular social media platform TikTok to share videos, prompting ridicule online.

A TikTok account belonging to @richard_wolfgang uploaded a video where "American soldiers" ask a group of men, said to be Syrian, if they "watch" Lebanese media personality and former adult actress Mia Khalifa.

The video called "Checkpoint things" is accompanied by the hashtags #fyp, #foryoupage, #Syria.

The text in the video reads: "We asked them if they watch Mia Khalifa", likely referring to her x-rated videos.

Later the camera pans out to a group of men, described as Syrian, with text reading: "They don't understand…she's a girl…should've studied more Arabic."

Mia Khalifa has gone on record multiple times to criticise the porn industry, and in one interview said "[the industry] traps women legally into contracts when they're vulnerable".

She spent three-months as an adult actress and recently revealed that she made only $12,000 from the videos, despite being one of the most popular performers.

Since then she has become an advocate speaking out against the porn industry.

In another clip, not attributed to a TikTok account but shared on Twitter, a soldier posted a video of a body cam featuring a child, said to be Syrian, who playfully walked through a wire and approached the US base.

"We have a kid that walked through the wire," a soldier can be heard saying into a radio.

The Twitter user who uploaded the video sarcastically wrote: "In other news: kids infiltrate a US base somewhere in Syria."

The TikTok clips are being criticised online, with some saying that the soldiers' behaviour was disrespectful and inappropriate.

One TikTok user wrote: "Ain't she Lebanese though? Don't aske them about her. Learn about their history and culture."

"Soldiers are uploading videos straight from their overseas military bases to TikTok? Jesus f***ing Christ," another tweeted.

The US has around 500 troops operating in northern Syria, who have been there since Kurdish forces led a fight-back against the Islamic State group.

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