US shot down Iranian drones heading towards Israel: report

US shot down Iranian drones heading towards Israel: report
The US shot down two Iranian drones heading towards Israel last month, according to reports in Israeli media.
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21 March, 2022
The Iranian drones were allegedly shot down in Iraq's Kurdistan region [Getty]

Two Iranian drones shot down over the Iraqi city of Erbil in February by US-led coalition forces were heading towards Israel, Israeli media has reported on Monday.

The Jerusalem Post said that Iran had launched two Shahed-136 drones towards Israel, in retaliation for Israeli attacks on Iranian targets.

It added that the drones were shot down on February 14, when Israel was on high alert for an Iranian attack.

Earlier this month, Iran said it had launched 12 missiles towards targets belonging to Israel's Mossad intelligence agency in Erbil, drawing condemnation from Iraqi Kurdish authorities, who denied a Mossad presence in the city.

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Pro-Iranian Al-Mayadeen TV reported in February that Israel had attacked an Iranian airbase in Kermanshah, destroying hundreds of drones.

The Israeli army also said recently that it had shot down two drones heading towards Israel in another incident last year, adding that it would continue to down Iranian drones "in coordination with neighbours".

These drones were carrying arms and ammunition destined for Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip, according to the Israeli army.