US says ball in Moscow, Tehran camp to revive nuclear deal

US says ball in Moscow, Tehran camp to revive nuclear deal
The US said Iran and Russia must take steps needed to revive the nuclear deal, suggesting that the ball is now in their court.
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Ned Price urged Russia and Iran that the ball is in their court to revive the deal [Getty]

The United States Friday urged Moscow and Tehran to take the "decisions" needed to revive the 2015 nuclear accord, putting the ball squarely in their camp as last-minute Russian demands threatened to derail the process.

"We are confident that we can achieve mutual return to compliance... (if) those decisions are made in places like Tehran and Moscow," State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters after the European Union announced a pause in negotiations.


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The 2015 deal limited Iran's enrichment of uranium, to make it harder for Tehran to develop material for nuclear weapons, in return for a lifting of economic sanctions.

All parties involved in the talks aimed at bringing Tehran and Washington back into compliance with the nuclear pact have said they were close to reaching an agreement in Vienna.

One wildcard is an effort by the IAEA to resolve questions about nuclear material that the Vienna-based agency suspects Iran failed to declare.