US presidential hopeful Trump 'would send back' Syrian refugees

US presidential hopeful Trump 'would send back' Syrian refugees
Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has said he would send back Syrian refugees taken in by the US if he is elected president.
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01 October, 2015
Trump recently failed to condemn a call to rid the US of Muslims [Getty]
Republican US presidential front-runner Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he would send thousands of Syrian refugees back to their home country if he is elected in November.

Trump's remarks to CNN came the same day Russian warplanes began air raids in Syria's centre and north - their first military engagement outside the former Soviet Union since the occupation of Afghanistan in 1979.

"Look, if Russia wants to go in there, would have been nice if we went in as a unified front, to be honest. But if Russia wants to go in there and knock out ISIS and maybe stabilize, this big migration with 200,000 people into the United States..." Trump said.

"If I win, I'm going to say it right now and I'll say it to you, those 200,000 people - they have to know this and the world will hear it - are going back.

"We're not going to accept 200,000 people that may be ISIS. We have no idea who they are. And I'm telling you now, they may come in through the weakness of Obama," but would return to their homeland if Trump makes it to the White House, he said.

The Americans accused Russia of striking moderate rebel factions fighting Bashar al-Assad's Syrian regime under cover of their claimed assault on the Islamic state group [IS].


Trump is currently leading the Republican nomination [Getty] 

Washington and its allies blame Assad for the mayhem in Syria, where four years of bloodshed have killed more than 240,000 people, and fuelled a massive outflow of desperate refugees. Russia argues however that the West should support Assad in his fight against the jihadists.

The Pentagon says Russia has in recent weeks sent troops, warplanes and other military hardware to Syria.

Trump recently sparked outrage after failing to condemn a call to rid the US of Muslims and claims that Obama was "not an American".