US Muslim congresswoman Rashida Tlaib uses Arabic profanity to describe Trump in tweet

US Muslim congresswoman Rashida Tlaib uses Arabic profanity to describe Trump in tweet
Palestinian-American Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib used an Arabic profanity to describe Trump in a tweet that had people amused and confused.
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23 October, 2020
Rashida Tlaib raised eyebrows [Getty]
Muslim US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib set the internet on fire after she used an Arabic profanity to describe US President Donald Trump.

The Palestinian-American took to Twitter after Trump and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden engaged in a final bout of debating ahead of the elections.

"Fracking is khara," she tweeted, referring to the controversial act of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock to release the gas inside.

And then she tweeted: "This president is khara."

Non-Arab speakers descended on her comments to ask what the word meant, to which she responded with the emoji used to describe defecation.

Needless to say, the internet responded with a mixed bag of reactions.

"Is that a bad word?" one person tweeted. "Please write it phonetically, I love cursing in other languages!"

"The worst khara," another person agreed. "The kind you get after eating far too many big Macs. Khara like you wouldn’t believe."

"I’m freaking dying," a third amused reader tweeted. "This was one of our favourite funny words as kids."

Others were less amused and encouraged Tlaib not to go down to Trump’s "level".

"What this language Rashida!!! Trump is horrible for sure, and going down to his level of morals to disagree with him, is more horrible! We can't fight evil and disrespect, by another evil and disrespect," a twitter user wrote.

President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden's final debate on Thursday was a starkly more civil affair than their messy first showdown.

But that did not prevent the pair from clashing on everything from immigration to racism and even Adolf Hitler.

With the pandemic at the top of American voters' minds, Biden pledged to get a handle on the virus that has killed over 220,000 in the US - while charging that "anyone who's responsible for that many deaths" should not remain president.

"We're about to go into a dark winter. A dark winter," warned the former vice president, vowing, "I will end this" - though he didn't say how.

Trump, just past his own brush with the virus, offered his usual sunny take despite cases surging again.

"It's going away," he said.

Trump's bromance with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was targeted by Biden, who accused the president of legitimising a dictator.

"You know what, North Korea, we're not in a war. We have a good relationship," an outraged Trump said.

"Having a good relationship with leaders of other countries is a good thing," he said as the moderator tried to cut him off.

Biden slyly retorted that there were some previous examples of America's friendly ties with certain leaders not working out in the long run.

"I understand we had a good relationship with Hitler before he in fact invaded Europe."

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