US military denies Syrian regime reports of 'American troop casualties'

US military denies Syrian regime reports of 'American troop casualties'
The US campaign fighting IS in Syria said it has checked up on its servicemen after a 'false' report by SANA claiming four US soldiers were killed in an explosion.
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09 November, 2020
The US has around 500 troops in Syria [Getty]
The US military has denied suggestions made by Syria's national news agency that four American soldiers from an anti-Islamic State group force were killed in a blast in Syria.

Colonel Wayne Marotto, the spokesperson for Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) - the US military campaign against the IS in Iraq and Syria - said in a tweet that the report promoted by the Syrian regime was "false"

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said the explosion took place in northeastern Syria's Hassakeh district and indicated that American troops were killed in the blast. 

Citing 'civil' sources, the report claimed that a vehicle carrying US soldiers transitting between Hassakeh and Deir Al-Zour when the bomb blast happened on Sunday, resulting in four casualties in its ranks.

The report also claimed US troops rushed to the scene in Markada after the explosion with planes sighted hovering over the blast site.

While SANA did not specify if the dead were members of the OIR, Marotto said on Twitter that none of its service members had been 'killed in action', refuting the recent report.

"The report of @CJTFOIR [International Coalition for Operation Inherent Resolve] service members KIA [killed in action] in Syria today is false. All @CJTFOIR service members have been accounted for," Marotto said on Twitter.