US man imprisoned for IS-inspired Capitol bomb plot

US man imprisoned for IS-inspired Capitol bomb plot
US courts jailed a 22-year-old man for 30 years on Monday, after foiling a plot to attack Washington's Capitol building in the name of the Islamic State group.
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06 December, 2016
US security forces foiled the plot just six days earlier [Getty]

An American man was given a 30-year prison sentence on Monday, after authorities found he had planned to bomb the Capitol in Washington in the name of the Islamic State group.

Christopher Lee Cornell, of Green Township, Ohio, pleaded guilty in federal court in southern Ohio to charges of planning and attempting to kill government officials in the January 2015 plot.

Cornell, 22, was arrested on January 14, 2015, six days before he had planned to detonate explosives and to shoot people in the Capitol during President Barack Obama's State of the Union address, according to the Justice Department.

"Cornell plotted to commit violence as a symbolic attack on the United States as a whole," US Attorney Benjamin Glassman said in a statement.

"Cornell wanted to inflict pain on the spirit of the entire country, and terrorise its leadership. Today's sentence appropriately holds him accountable for that."

For months, the agency said he had researched how to make bombs, and acquired two semi-automatic rifles with about 600 rounds of ammunition.

He had admitted that the attack was an attempt to provide support for Islamic State, which the US has designated a terrorist organisation.

The United States is leading a global campaign against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, where the militant group is suffering drastic losses on all fronts.