US-led Western group to ask UN body to investigate Sudan atrocities

US-led Western group to ask UN body to investigate Sudan atrocities
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30 September, 2023
Plans have been brought forth for an official UN-led investigation into atrocities committed against civilians in the current war in Sudan.
The homes and workplaces of ethnic Africans have allegedly been burned en mass by RSF troops in Darfur [Getty]

The United States, Britain, Norway and Germany plan to submit a motion to the U.N. Human Rights Council to set up an investigation into alleged atrocities in Sudan, a draft motion showed on Friday.

Bloodshed, violence and displacement have escalated since fighting between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces erupted in April, driving Sudan to the brink of civil war. Among the worst affected regions is West Darfur, where ethnically motivated attacks have killed hundreds.

The RSF has denied accusations by conflict monitors, rights groups and witnesses that it is behind attacks on civilians, while saying any of its soldiers found to be involved would be brought to justice. Sudan also denies killing civilians and describes the conflict as an internal affair.

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The document seen by Reuters condemns human rights violations and abuses committed during five-month-old conflict and seeks to establish a three-person Fact Finding Mission to investigate them.

These experts would document the violations and prepare oral and written updates for the 47-member Council.

The draft was circulated among member countries on Friday, diplomats confirmed. It has not yet been formally submitted to the Council, whose debates bring heightened scrutiny to issues and whose investigations are sometimes used by international prosecutors.