US lawmakers seek Abraham Accords expansion for Africa

US lawmakers seek Abraham Accords expansion for Africa
A bipartisan group of US lawmakers have sent a letter to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken seeking an expansion of the Abraham Accords to Israel
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Washington, D.C.
13 June, 2023
The Abraham Accords between Israel and some Arab states were slammed as a betrayal of the Palestinian cause [Getty]

A bipartisan group of United States lawmakers are seeking to expand the controversial Abraham Accords, which normalised ties between some Arab states and Israel, to Africa.

The group said in a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken earlier this month that they believe the Abraham Accords could be an important part of US policy in Africa and could help provide a potential path for "stability" in the continent.

"The Abraham Accords can provide a new path to advance peace and stability in Africa," said the letter, which was signed by 29 members of Congress.  

"As African nations look to world powers for partnership, the United States and other Accord member countries can demonstrate the economic and political successes that the Accords have already rendered since their signing," the letter states, noting growing Chinese and Russian influence on the continent.

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The Abraham Accords, which normalised ties between Israel on the one hand and the UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco on the other in 2020, were condemned by Palestinians as a betrayal of their cause.

Palestinians pointed out that they rewarded Israel while it continued to occupy the West Bank and besiege the Gaza Strip.

However, the US Congress members claimed that normalising ties between Israel and African countries could help with diverse issues, such as water security, cyber security, and African regional stability.

While Israel has diplomatic relations with most African countries south of the Sahara, several Arab and Muslim African countries do not recognise it or do not have diplomatic relations with it.

Niger, Mali, and Somalia are among the states which do not currently have official ties with Israel.

Morocco and Sudan both said that they would normalise ties with Israel under the 2020 Abraham Accords but normalisation with Sudan has been stalled due to the country's unrest. Israel has offered to mediate, in coordination with the US and the UAE, an initiative that so far has not moved forward.

The lawmakers have requested a written response to their letter from the State Department.