US kills 13 in three Yemen raids on al-Qaeda

US kills 13 in three Yemen raids on al-Qaeda
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07 September, 2016
US central command confirms 13 kills in counter-terrorism strikes in the Shabwah province in Yemen.
US drones in Yemen remain controversial for their disproportional attacks on civilians [Getty]
US forces conducted three separate attacks on militants in Yemen's Shabwah province between August 24 and September 4, killing a total of 13, according to a statement from the US military.

Three strikes, conducted on August 24, August 30 and September 4 respectively, targeted suspected al-Qaeda positions, however the exact locations were not given.

The statement from US central command reads: "The US will not relent in its mission to degrade, disrupt and destroy al-Qaeda and its remnants.

"We remain committed to defeating AQAP [al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula] and denying it safe haven regardless of its location. Strikes conducted by the US in Yemen continue to diminish AQAP’s presence in the region."

Bitter fighting has continued in Yemen since March 2015 between Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, and the Hadi-led government, backed by the Saudi-Arab Coalition.

American forces have carried out drone strikes in the country throughout the conflict against al-Qaeda.