US expresses 'disappointment' over delayed presidential election in Libya

US expresses 'disappointment' over delayed presidential election in Libya
The US ambassador to Libya expressed 'disappointment' Wednesday over the delay to a presidential election - originally planned for December 24 - and said working towards a future vote 'should be a priority'.
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22 December, 2021
Libya's parliament said Wednesday that the presidential election planned for Friday would not go ahead [source: Getty]

The US ambassador to Libya on Wednesday voiced "disappointment" at the delay of Friday's planned election and said, "work towards elections should be a priority in line with strong public desires".

The ambassador added in a statement on social media that Libyan leaders "should expeditiously address all legal and political obstacles to hold elections, including finalising the list of presidential candidates". 

Libya's parliament said Friday's planned presidential election would not go ahead and did not name a new date, leaving the internationally-backed peace process in chaos and the fate of the interim government in doubt.

It was the first official announcement of a delay, which had been widely expected amid ongoing disputes over the rules.

With major mobilisations in Tripoli and other western areas by armed groups, the collapse of the electoral process risks aggravating local disputes and triggering a new round of violence in the country plagued by conflict for years.