US court throws out Trump bid to reinstate travel-ban

US court throws out Trump bid to reinstate travel-ban
A US Court of Appeals has rejected a Department of Justice request to immediately resume Trump's controversial travel ban after a lower court ruled a temporary suspension.
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05 February, 2017
Trump's travel ban has wreaked havoc and sparked protest worldwide [Getty]

A US federal appeals court has rejected a request by the Department of Justice to immediately reinstate Donald Trump's travel ban.

Trump's administration had made the request with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals after a Seattle judge on Friday temporarily suspended the travel ban on citizens from seven mainly Muslim countries.

US authorities including the State Department and Department for Homeland Security then declared they would not enforce Trump's controversial ban.

The Department of Justice's appeal followed a fiery Twitter tirade from the president in which he lashed out at the "so-called judge" for the "ridiculous" decision to suspend the ban.

The latest decision from the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit means the bans will remain on hold through the weekend, with a decision on a further request to reinstate the ban put off until at least Monday afternoon.

The latest suspension has seen travellers from the banned countries including Iran and Iraq hurry to reach America, as airlines again allow passengers to board US-bound flights.

The travel restrictions, which went into effect a week ago, have wreaked havoc at airports across America, sparked numerous protests and left countless people hoping to reach the United States in limbo.