US closer to prosecuting 'IS Beatles' after UK court ruling

US closer to prosecuting 'IS Beatles' after UK court ruling
The British IS militants could soon be tried in the US.
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IS held vast territories in Syria and Iraq [Getty]
The US moved a step closer to putting two notorious Islamic State group militants on trial, after a UK court ruled on Wednesday that British intelligence could share information with Washington.

Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh were part of a four-man ring of British IS militants dubbed "The Beatles" by their captives in Syria.

They are accused of playing a role or carrying out the murder of four American and two Britons during the height of IS' so-called "caliphate" in Syria and Iraq.

The brutal murders of foreign aid workers and journalists were filmed and shared online, sending shock waves across Europe and the UAE.

Last week, US attorney general, William Barr, assured the UK Home Minister Priti Patel that prosecutors would not pursue the death penalty for the suspects.

"Further delay is no longer possible if Kotey and Elsheikh are to be tried in the United States, and the further delay is an injustice to the families of the victims," Barr wrote, referring to the 15 October deadline for British cooperation.

This led to the UK supreme court on Wednesday ruling that evidence gathered by British intelligence could be shared with the Washington otherwise they pair would be handed over the Iraqi authorities.

There could still be a legal challenge to block the move.

Mohammed Emwazi, another member of the British cell was killed in a US airstrike while, Aine Davis, is in currently jailed in Turkey.

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