Covid-19 spike sees Israel added to US' 'very high risk' list

Covid-19 spike sees Israel added to US' 'very high risk' list
Israel is one of several countries added to the CDC's Level 4 list as coronavirus cases spread across the world.
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10 August, 2021
Covid cases are on the rise in Israel [Getty]

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has added Israel to its highest risk warning list for the coronavirus amid a steady climb in the disease. 

The CDC on Monday updated its "Level 4: Very High" Covid-19 list with Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories added to the list.

The CDC recommends that US travellers avoid visiting these countries due to the dangers of the disease and to ensure they are fully vaccinated if they need to go.

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However, the agency noted that due to the high concentration of cases in Israel that even fully vaccinated Americans may be at risk of contracting and spreading the new coronavirus variants.

The agency recommends anyone who must visit the country wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Coronavirus cases have been steadily climbing in Israel due to the Delta variant, despite the country's high vaccination rate.

The Israeli health ministry in June made it mandatory for masks to be worn in enclosed public places following a surge in Covid cases just 10 days after the rule was dropped.

The list of Level 4 destinations currently includes 73 countries, such as Brazil, the UK, Ireland, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia and others.

As of Tuesday, Israel has had 908,322 coronavirus cases, including 6,559 deaths and 866,297 recoveries. There are currently 866,297 active cases, 394 of whom are in critical condition.