US billboard advertises 1,400 year-old coronavirus advice from Islam's Prophet Muhammad

US billboard advertises 1,400 year-old coronavirus advice from Islam's Prophet Muhammad
Advice given more than 1,400 years by Islam's Prophet Muhammad have gone viral in 2020, as the world grapples with the coronavirus outbreak.
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20 April, 2020
Prophet Muhammad's advice has been shared across the world [Twitter]

A billboard has been erected in Chicago advising locals on how to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus using age-old advice from Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

The advertisement, organised by Gain Peace in the United States, outlines how the Prophet of Islam historically dealt with pandemics during his time, all of which are guidelines set by world health organisations to deal with the current Covid-19 outbreak.

"Wash your hands frequently, don’t leave infected area and don’t visit infected areas," the billboard says, according to Islam's last messenger.

The guidelines are based on historic hadith, or narration, of the prophet which has been widely shared across social media platforms since the current outbreak began to spread across the world.

"When you hear that a plague is in a land, do not enter it and if the plague breaks out in a place while you are in it, do not leave that place," Prophet Muhammad said, according to the narration.

"Do not place a sick patient with a healthy person," the Prophet adds in another narration.

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The centuries-old advice has resonated with millions of people as the novel coronavirus continues to spread around the globe, infecting more than 2,419,194 and killed 165,775 worldwide.

Across the Muslim world, precautionary social distancing measures have been imposed in the lead up to the holy month of Ramadan to help stem the infections, including a ban on congregational gatherings and the closure of mosques.

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