Unknown group attacks Iran's consulate in Germany

Unknown group attacks Iran's consulate in Germany
Little is known about the assailants or the motives behind the attack, which did limited damage.
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21 November, 2021
Iran's consulate in Hamburg had previously witnessed several anti-Iran protests [AXEL HEIMKEN/DPA/AFP via Getty]

Unknown attackers threw a fire bomb on Iran's Consulate General in Hamburg, Germany, the local police announced on Saturday.

In a statement, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh condemned the attack and called on the German government to take action to ensure the security of Iran's diplomatic missions in Germany.

Smoke rose in the vicinity of the consulate, where the fire was immediately extinguished. No casualties were reported.

The assailants were not identified, although two people were seen fleeing the seen and are researched. The motives behind the attack remain unknown.

The incident coincides with the anniversary of November 2019 protests in Iran when security forces killed hundreds of demonstrators. Opposition groups have been holding gatherings in Hamburg on Friday and Saturday.

Although many diaspora Iranians oppose the Islamic Republic, attacks on Iran’s diplomatic missions are not common.