Podcast: Under siege and occupation, Palestinians resist Israel's ongoing Nakba

Podcast Season 2 cover
1 min read
14 May, 2021

From Sheikh Jarrah to strikes in Gaza, in our first episode of the second season of The New Arab Voice we will cover the latest escalations between Israel and Palestine.

Also stay tuned to hear our interview with British Egyptian author Yousra Imran, who spoke about how her book, Hijab and Red Lipstick, was a way to express the many intricacies of growing up as a woman between the Gulf and the West.



Featuring on this episode of The New Arab Voice are, Diana Alghoul (@SuperKnafeh), Ilan Pappé (@pappe54), Omar Shakir (@OmarSShakir), Nadim Nashif (@NadimNashif / @7amleh), and Yousra Imran (@UNDERYOURABAYA). 

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