UN: Russia says Syria withdrew controversial property law

UN: Russia says Syria withdrew controversial property law
A controversial property law that was dispossess millions of Syrians of their homes has been annulled according to Russia.
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18 October, 2018
Syria's property law has been scrapped according to the UN [Anadolu]

The UN has said that a controversial property law that would snatch away the homes and businesses of millions of Syrians living outside the country has been scrapped, according to Russian reports.

UN humanitarian expert Jan Egeland said that Russian officials told him that Syria's government has withdrawn a law that would allow the regime to seize property left behind by civilians who fled the country's war.

It sparked outrage among human rights groups, with countries saying reconstruction aid would be blocked if the law is passed.

Syria announced the deadline for registering properties had been extended, following international uproar.

The law would also dispossess millions of Syrians of their homes, after they fled the country and feel it is not safe for them to return or do not possess property deeds.

Jan Egeland announced on Thursday that he would be resigning as the UN's humanitarian chief.

"I am also leaving at the end of November," Jan Egeland told reporters in Geneva.

He said that the Syrian regime had agreed to allow aid groups access to a camp on the Jordanian border that has been under a siege by Assad’s forces for a week.

Food and medical supplies have been cut to Rukban, leading to the deaths of at least 12 women and children.

Around 50,000 civilians are still trapped in the desert region without food, medical supplies and water.

On Wednesday, UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura told the Security Council that he is leaving for "personal" reasons.