UN continue life-saving aid operation to besieged Syrian refugees

UN continue life-saving aid operation to besieged Syrian refugees
Starving Syrian refugees have continued to receive potentially life-saving shipment of aid from the UN this weekend.
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04 November, 2018
Syrian refugees at Rukban have been awaiting vital supplies [Getty]
A United Nations convoy is continuing to bring in aid to a besieged refugee camp on the Syrian side of the Jordanian, following a number of child deaths due to dwindling food, medical and water supplies.

The operation will take between three and five days to provide aid to the 50,000 refugees trapped in the opposition territory, which has been under siege by the regime cutting off essential supplies to the camp.

Food, nutrition and medical assistance, and hygiene supplies will be delivered to the al-Rukban, which has witnessed a number of deaths due to the lack of supplies, particularly among children.

"The first convoys have entered the camp," Abu Abdullah, the leader of the local council at al-Rukban, told The New Arab.

The UN will also launch an emergency vaccination campaign for children at the camp against measles, polio and other diseases.

"While this much-needed delivery is an important achievement, a longer-term solution must be found for the many civilians living in Rukban," said Ali al-Zaatari, from the UN.

Al-Rukban lies close to the Jordan and Iraq borders, where 50,000 refugees - mostly women and children - are trapped.

Although the camp lies in opposition control, the Syrian regime recently tightened a siege on Rukban cutting vital smuggling routes for food and medical supplies.

The situation has led to a humanitarian disaster with the UN pleading with Damascus to allow supplies to enter the camp.

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