Ukraine: Turkey vows to continue 'mediation and facilitation' efforts between Moscow and Kyiv

Ukraine: Turkey vows to continue 'mediation and facilitation' efforts between Moscow and Kyiv
Turkey, which has so far tried to maintain relations with both Moscow and Kyiv, vowed to continue its 'mediation and facilitation' work between Russia and Ukraine as the war enters its second month.
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Turkey has positioned itself with great care as the go-between for Russia and Ukraine [source: Getty]

Turkey called for ramped up efforts to achieve a ceasefire in Ukraine and vowed to continue its "mediation and facilitation" work between Moscow and Kyiv, ahead of a NATO summit where leaders will discuss Russia's month-long invasion.

NATO member Turkey shares a maritime border with Ukraine and Russia and has good ties with both.

While supporting Ukraine and criticising Russia, Ankara has also opposed sanctions on Moscow and launched mediation efforts.

Although Moscow says its operation is going to plan, Russian forces have not captured a major Ukrainian city after a month of fighting.

After a nearly 4-hour meeting in Ankara chaired by President Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday, Turkey's National Security Council (MGK) said Turkey would continue to fulfil its responsibilities for regional peace.

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"It was noted that the efforts to halt attacks and achieve a ceasefire as soon as possible, and to solve problems between the two countries by taking into consideration Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity in a lasting manner need to be ramped up," the MGK said in a statement.

Earlier this month, Turkey hosted the Ukrainian and Russian foreign ministers for the first high-level talks since the war.  

While forging close ties with Russia in defence, energy and trade, and relying heavily on Russian tourists, Ankara has also sold drones to Ukraine, angering Moscow. It also opposes Russian policies in Syria and Libya, as well as its annexation of Crimea in 2014.