Ukraine hails 'first success' of offensive around Bakhmut

Ukraine hails 'first success' of offensive around Bakhmut
Oleksandr Syrsky, the general leading the counteroffensive in Bakhmut, hails 'first success' in operation to defend the area.
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15 May, 2023
Oleksandr Syrsky is leading the operation in Bakhmut [Getty]

Ukraine on Monday welcomed its troops' advances in areas near the frontline town of Bakhmut, the scene of the longest and fiercest fighting since Russia's invasion.

"The advance of our troops in the Bakhmut direction is the first success of the offensive in the course of the operation to defend Bakhmut," said the commander of the Ukrainian ground forces, Oleksandr Syrskyi.

The industrial eastern town that once had around 70,000 residents has been reduced to rubble after months of brutal fighting that has made it the epicentre of Russia's invasion.

"The last few days have shown that we can move forward and destroy the enemy even in such extremely difficult conditions," Syrskyi said.

"We are fighting with fewer resources than the enemy. At the same time, we manage to destroy its plans," he added.

Syrskyi's comments come after the head of Russia's Wagner mercenary group, which is leading the Russian assault on Bakhmut, claimed that regular Russian troops were fleeing the flanks of the town and exposing his forces in its centre.