UK will push for investigation into Yemen civilian casualties

UK will push for investigation into Yemen civilian casualties
The UK Prime Minister said she would push for an investigation into the targeting of civilians in Yemen by the Saudi-backed Arab coalition.
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19 October, 2016
A disproportionate number of civilians and children have been killed in the Yemen conflict [AFP]
The UK Prime Minister has said that she will push for 'proper investigations' into alleged war-crimes in Yemen.

Speaking at the weekly Prime Minister's Questions at Parliament, Theresa May said she would press for investigations into allegations the Saudi-backed Arab coalition had targetted civilians.

Theresa May MP said: "The point I made was a very simple one. Which is: We press for proper investigations into what has happened on those incidents before we reach a decision or a conclusion on what has happened.

"We have a very strong relationship with Saudi Arabia, that is important for this country. But what happens about matters with which there is concern is that they are properly investigated.

The Prime Minister was responding to a question from Angus Robertson MP over Britain's arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

"It's beyond doubt that the Saudi airforce is bombing civilians with planes that are made in Britain and they're dropping missiles that are made in Britain," said Mr. Robertson.

"Can she give this House an assurance that civilians have not been killed by Paveway IV bombs dropped on Yemen which are partially manufactured in Scotland under license by government.

"How can she possibly in good conscience continue selling them to Saudi Arabia?"