UAE is 'trying to divide Libya', government official says

UAE is 'trying to divide Libya', government official says
A Libyan GNA official warned against UAE attempts to divide Libya, after claiming rival militias were planning a 'coup'.
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28 April, 2020
The UAE is a strong backer of Libyan militia man Khalifa Haftar [AFP]
An official from Libya’s UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) warned the UAE was plotting to divide Libya, a report said on Tuesday.

In a post shared via his official Facebook page, Mohamed Amari, Member of the Presidential Council of the GNA said his government was "closely watching all these developments," Arabi21 reported.
Amari reiterated the GNA's persistence in fighting against loyalist forces of rogue military general, Khalifa Haftar, and said the GNA would accept those who abandoned the "coup" against Libya's leadership. 

The officials comments followed GNA's allegations that Haftar is seeking to stage a coup, after the warlord claimed to have a "mandate" from the people to govern the country.

The UAE is a strong backer of Haftar, whose militias are fighting against the GNA.

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Haftar's self-proclaimed Libyan National Army control swathes of eastern Libya, after the rebel commander launched an offensive to seize Tripoli in 2019.

The offensive killed hundreds of people and displaced nearly 200,000 residents.

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