UAE police warn 'gangs luring, robbing dating app users'

UAE police warn 'gangs luring, robbing dating app users'
After dozens of alleged gang members were arrested in Dubai, the police are warning dating app users to be cautious of tactics deployed to lure theft victims to remote areas.
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05 July, 2020
Using fake accounts posing as women, gangs lured men to apartments and robbed them [Getty]
A recent string of theft and blackmail crimes targeting men using online dating applications has prompted police in Dubai to launch a video campaign warning residents.

In a video posted on Twitter, the emirate's police said scammers were using online dating sites, following arrests of gang members allegedly luring men to private settings and mugging them.

According to Gulf News, the emirate's police arrested 47 migrants who were allegedly part of 20 gangs blackmailing victims approached through dating apps.

Using fake accounts with pictures of women, the gang lured men to apartments rented with fake documents for "private massage" services and later robbed them, the Sunday report said.

Victims reportedly had their mobile phones and credit cards snatched and were forced to pose for nude photos, which allagedly served to deter them from filing police reports.

A member of the Criminal Investigation Affairs was quoted asking Dubai residents to "be careful" when communicating with strangers over social media.

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"Online scams are developing with the advancement of technology and fraudsters are using it to lure their victims,” Maj. Gen. Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri told the outlet.

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