UAE follows Saudi Arabia with $100 million Ukraine donation after OPEC cut outrage

UAE follows Saudi Arabia with $100 million Ukraine donation after OPEC cut outrage
The UAE has offered a huge $100 million aid package to Ukraine after accusations OPEC's decision to cut oil output had benefited Russia.
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19 October, 2022
Mohammed bin Zayed has ordered a $100 million donation to Ukraine [Getty]

The UAE will send Ukraine $100 million in humanitarian aid following allegations that Abu Dhabi's energy policy had benefited arch-rival Russia.

President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan ordered the payment to Ukraine "in solidarity" with Kyiv during a time of war and to alleviate the humanitarian situation in the country, Reem bint Ebrahim Al-Hashimy, the UAE's minister of state for international cooperation, said.

OPEC members the UAE and Saudi Arabia have been heavily criticised by the US for agreeing to oil production cuts, a move which was seen as a big boon for Russia which is heavily reliant on income generated by energy sales.

The UAE will "exert all possible efforts to prevent the worsening of the crisis and help foster an atmosphere conducive to de-escalation and negotiations for the benefit of all parties", the country's state news agency WAM reported.

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Ukraine welcomed the donation which follows a pledge last week to Kyiv by Saudi Arabia of $400 million in humanitarian aid.

"During a conversation with the President of the United Arab Emirates Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of relations between our states. Ukraine will remain the guarantor of global food security," a statement shared on President Volodymyr Zelensky's telegram channel read.

"I am grateful for the effective support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, in particular, within the UN."

The UAE and Saudi Arabia voted in the UN last week to condemn Russia's illegal annexation of Ukrainian territories.

The OPEC oil production cut - allegedly at the behest of Saudi Arabia - caused a war of words between Washington and Riyadh.

Russia is subject to strict US and European sanctions due to its invasion of Ukraine, while Washington has looked to isolate Moscow from international money markets.

Russia is now heavily reliant on energy exports to Asia and higher oil prices will likely boost its coffers.

Ukraine appears to be downplaying the tensions and last month welcomed Saudi Arabia's mediation in the release of Ukrainian POWs held by Russia.