UAE loses more pilots in second military crash

UAE loses more pilots in second military crash
Video: A second military aircraft crash has left two more Emirati pilots killed while on mission in Yemen, reports confirmed Monday.
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14 June, 2016

UAE helicopter crash

Two Emirati pilots on a mission in Yemen were killed when their military plane crashed on Monday, the second crash in two days, officials confirmed.

The helicopters came down in the Gulf of Aden, according to witnesses, however a Gulf federation military command statement published on Emirati state media did not specify the details nor the circumstances and location of the crash.

On Sunday, a separate crash saw another UAE helicopter crash into the sea, again killing both crew members onboard the aircraft, the general command said.

The incident - described as an accident by officials - took place during "a routine sortie over international waters".

Two other pilots were killed in a similar event last month.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the main forces in an Arab coalition that has been battling against Houthi rebels in Yemen since May 2015.

The coalition has supported forces of the internationally recognised Yemeni government since the rebels seized control of Sanaa and other parts of the country in September 2014.