UAE-China ties entering historic era, says Emirati envoy

UAE-China ties entering historic era, says Emirati envoy
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23 August, 2021
The UAE and China’s joint efforts in tackling the current Covid-19 pandemic have built stronger political and economic ties between the countries.
China has built stronger ties with Middle Eastern countries in a bid to further their economic and political advances [Getty]

Ali Obaid Al-Dhaheri, the UAE Ambassador to China, said that the relationship between the two countries is entering a new and historic era, as the fifth China-Arab Expo in Yinchuan was inaugurated. 

UAE state news WAM reported that Al-Dhaheri also hoped that the four-day event will reinforce the economic, commercial, and investment relations between the two regions. 

"Today, these relations have been re-established based on mutual respect and benefits, during what has proven to be another golden era for China and the Arab region and the greatest model of Emirati-Chinese ties," Al-Dhaheri added.

China and the UAE cemented a strategic partnership plan in 2018 to further progress their ties, which were established in 1984. 

The UAE also started producing China's Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine in April, Al-Dhaheri said that the UAE has “harnessed its logistical capacities to help manufacture and distribute Chinese vaccines. We aim to deliver 18 billion doses to Arab countries and the rest of the world by the end of the year.” 

With the US reducing commitments in the Middle East, China has been filling the gap with increased political and economic ties over the past decade, becoming a main trade and investment partner for many countries in the region.