UAE becomes latest Arab country to grant paternity leave

UAE becomes latest Arab country to grant paternity leave
The UAE will grant paternity leave to new fathers in the private sector.
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31 August, 2020
Fathers in the UAE will now be granted paternity leave [Getty-file photo]
The UAE became the latest Arab country to grant paternity leave for private sector workers, authorities announced on Sunday, while mothers will be given an additional five days leave.

The law, signed by President Khalifa Al-Nahyan, will grant new fathers working in the private sector five days leave during the first six months of their child's birth.

Public sector workers were previously granted three days paternity leave, while mothers working for government departments were given 90 days.

Lebanon gives three days paternity leave for fathers, while Saudi public sector workers are granted leave for a similar period.

In Iran, fathers are given two weeks to spend with their new borns in a bid to boost the population.

Mona Al-Marri, vice president of the UAE Gender Balance Council, told The National in February that the government was studying how paternity leave is applied in Scandinavian countries.

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