Two migrants killed, one missing at Greek border: Amnesty

Two migrants killed, one missing at Greek border: Amnesty
Two migrant men were killed and a migrant woman went missing as Greek forces violently pushed back against migrants coming from Turkey, Amnesty International has found.
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04 April, 2020
Greek border forces have violently pushed back against migrants since Turkey opened its borders [Getty]
Two migrant men were killed and one woman went missing last month after Greek border forces reportedly fired live ammunition and tear gas at asylum-seekers and migrants, Amnesty International reported on Friday.

Human rights groups have also criticised Greece for suspending asylum applications last month in an effort to deter migrant arrivals.

After Turkey "recklessly" encouraged migrants to travel to Greece "under false pretences", Amnesty said, those who made the journey were subjected to violence at the Greece-Turkey border.

Amnesty International says it confirmed the deaths of two men at the border between Greece and Turkey on March 2 and 4.

One of the men, a 43-year-old Pakistani migrant, was pronounced dead after he was shot in the chest.

A woman went missing after she and her husband were separated from their six children while attempting to cross the Evros/Meric river to enter Greece, Amnesty reported. Her husband said she is presumed dead after Greek soldiers fired shots at her as she attempted to join her children on the Greek side of the river.

The husband told Amnesty he and his children were subsequently detained for hours, during which they were stripped and had their possessions taken. The family was then placed on a boat back to the Turkish side of the river.

"Allegations of violence must be promptly and impartially investigated," said Massimo Moratti, Deputy Director of the Amnesty International Europe Regional Office. "Everyone should be treated humanely, shielded from violence and be granted access to protection in the countries where they are seeking safety."

Greek border forces have violently pushed back against incoming migrants since Turkey opened its borders last month to pressure the European Union into backing Ankara's intervention in Syria.

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