Two Syrian civilians dead after Russia bombs Idlib despite ceasefire

Two Syrian civilians dead after Russia bombs Idlib despite ceasefire
Russian aircraft that carried out the bombing were launched from the Khmeimim Air Base, according to a rebel monitor.
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23 November, 2021
The Russian bombing has claimed two lives [AHMAD AL-ATRASH/AFP/Getty-file photo]

Renewed Russian bombing of Idlib province has left two civilians dead, according to reports on Tuesday.

The air raids targeted the village of Talita in the north of the rebel-held province, despite a ceasefire being in place.

It comes after a report showed that hundreds of civilians died due to bombing and shelling by the Syrian regime and Russia during a three-month period between April and August despite the truce.

"The airstrike was carried out by a Russian plane that took off from Khmeimim Air Base in rural Latakia in western Syria," a rebel aircraft monitor explained on social media on Monday.

Two civilians died from the bombing, according to White Helmets civil rescue group, speaking with Anadolu Agency.

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The ceasefire in Idlib was reached between Russia and Turkey March last year.

While Ankara primarily backs a group of rebels in the Syrian National Army (SNA), Russia supports the Syrian regime.

From 26 April to 19 August, 843 civilians were killed when Russia and the Syrian regime targeted Idlib's de-escalation zone.

They also targeted over 135 schools in Syria's northwest since 2019, according to White Helmets' figures, Daily Sabah reported on Monday.

Idlib has for years been fiercely contested between rebel groups and the extremist Islamist group Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS).