Two arrested in Lebanon after 'child abuse in nursery' video

Two arrested in Lebanon after 'child abuse in nursery' video
Two suspects have been arrested following the circulation of a disturbing video allegedly showing child abuse at a Lebanese nursery.
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12 July, 2023
The video of the children has caused outcry in Lebanon [Getty-file photo]

Lebanon's Internal Security Forces (ISF) have arrested two people after a shocking video emerged this week allegedly showing a nursery worker hitting children at a play centre near Beirut.

Lebanese have strongly reacted to the video, which has circulated widely on social media, reportedly showing one of the nursery workers force feeding and hitting children. 

In the background, the cries of other children can be heard and laughter from adults. The New Arab has been unable to independently verify the videos.

The ISF in a tweet announced that it arrested two suspects on Monday evening in connection with the video identified only as 44-year-old D.H. and 38-year-old T.M.

Lebanon's health ministry said in a statement that it had closed a daycare centre on Monday, which it identified as Garderêve nursery in the Maten region, east of Beirut, adding that it was investigating "child abuse".

"Let's hope this sanction serves as a lesson to all," the ministry added on Twitter.

It is not clear if the nursery is connected to the one in the video.

An ISF source did deny reports that parents of the children had attacked nursery staff but a door sign outside the centre was destroyed, according to the French language daily L'Orient-Le Jour.

The New Arab was unable to obtain comments from Garderêve's management due to their offices being closed and limitations on their social media accounts.