Twelve injured as car hits Muslim clothing shop in Sydney during Ramadan

Twelve injured as car hits Muslim clothing shop in Sydney during Ramadan
Over a dozen people have been injured in a car crash in Sydney, after a car was driven into a Hijab shop.
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At least 12 people have been injured after a car crashed into a Hijab shop in a Sydney suburb during Ramadan.

Footage emerged showing a Suburu SUV drive into Hijab House in Greenacre, south-west of Sydney, Australia.

New South Wales state police were called to Boronia Road in Greenacre at 3.15pm local time after reports of the car crash, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported.

Twelve people including the driver were injured and are being treated at the scene.

Police revealed the car had previously crashed into another vehicle stopped at the traffic lights, before driving into the store.

Most of the victims are believed to be women aged between 18 and 30 and were in the store shopping at the time of the crash.

Injuries are not life-threatening, it is believed, and two people have been taken to Liverpool Hospital and were treated for leg injuries.

Speaking at the time about it, petrol station owner John Makhlouf told the ABC he saw "a lot of smoke" as the car shot through the intersection.

"I saw a lot of smoke and heard a beeping horn," he said."One car got pushed out of the way and the other car went straight into the shop and crashed and you could hear the horn constantly beeping."

"It’s very lucky there was no one standing on the corner or crossing at the lights because they would have been hit."

A worker at the Al Aseel restaurant next door said “police and ambulances were everywhere”.

There is no proof that the crash was terror-related, NSW state police said.