Twelve arrested after Mahsa Amini protests outside Iran embassy in UK

Twelve arrested after Mahsa Amini protests outside Iran embassy in UK
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27 September, 2022
British police have made arrests after clashes following a protest outside Iran's embassy.
Red paint covers the walls of the Iranian embassy in London to look like blood [Getty]

At least 12 people have been arrested during protests outside the Iranian embassy in London, British media reported Tuesday.

No further information has been given on the arrests or if any of the protesters held are expected to be released, but it came after clashes between demonstrators and police.

Large crowds have been gathering all week outside the South Kensington compound to protest the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in Iran, who was reportedly fatally beaten while held in police custody.

She had been arrested by Iran's morality police for breaking headscarf rules and died on 16 September.

The disorder outside the embassy over the weekend, in which rocks and sticks were allegedly used, left at least five police officers wounded.

The beefed-up police operation in the vicinity of the Iranian Embassy in London's Princes Gate is expected to remain in place.

The street protest in the British capital comes at a time of worldwide outrage over the death of Amini, which occurred after she was detained by Iran's 'morality police'.

Iranian police insist she died of a heart attack and was not mistreated, but her family and witnesses have cast major doubts on that account.

Dozens of protesters in Iran are believed to have died in clashes with hundreds of others rounded up by security forces.